Celebrities born in the year of the Monkey

Date Posted: 07 February 2016

2016 is the year of the cheeky monkey from the twelve Chinese zodiacs, and the elemental sign for this year is "fire".

Those born in the year of the Fire Monkey are believed to be ambitious and adventurous, yet irritable. The last batch of people with Fire Monkey sign were those born in 1956.

The Monkey is known to be playful, so those with Monkey sign also possess traits such as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness – in short, they are the masters of pranks and practical jokes!

Thus, let's take a look at some international and regional celebrities who were born in the year of the Monkey!

Wong Cho Lam (9 Jan 1980) is a TVB entertainer who graduated from The Hong Kong Academy
for Performing Arts in 2003 with First Honours in Bachelor of Arts majoring in acting. Although he is usually cast as a supporting role in movies, Wong has improved a lot in terms of acting and he has won Most Improved Actor at the 2008 TVB awards 2008.

Kareena Kapoor (21 Sep 1980) is the younger sister of actress Karisma Kapoor, and is one of Bollywood's most popular and highest-paid actresses. She is noted for playing a variety of characters in a wide range of film genres from romantic comedies to crime dramas where she won  several awards for, including six Filmfare Awards.

Leslie Cheung (12 Sep 1956 – 1 Apr 2003) was a teen heartthrob and pop icon of Hong Kong who had received numerous music and film awards during the 80s. He was voted the third "Most Iconic Musicians of All Time", after Michael Jackson and The Beatles, and is considered "Asia's 25 Greatest Actors of All Time" by CNN.

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Writer: Erny Suzira

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