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Date Posted: 17 June 2012

Will we need night-vision goggles to see Sam Fisher of "Splinter Cell" on the big screen?

17 Jun – Video game publisher and developer Ubisoft is currently looking for a studio to make an adaptation of their popular video game franchise "Splinter Cell".

According to Deadline, the franchise has already been shopped to the executives of Warner Bros and Paramount, who are still mulling on whether the main character in the game; Sam Fisher, is a big-enough star to warrant his big screen debut.

Neither studio has commented thus far, save for saying that there is nothing written in black and white yet for the adaptation.

"Splinter Cell" is a series of stealth based video games that revolve around Sam Fisher, a highly-trained black-ops agent who has to overcome his adversaries in a series of missions that emphasises light and darkness, requiring him to lurk in the shadows and remain concealed to navigate in the darkness using night-vision goggles.

"Splinter Cell" would not be the first property from Ubisoft that has been made into a movie, with the "Prince of Persia" franchise already boasting its big screen debut back in 2010 that garnered US$335 million in box office sales worldwide, becoming the highest grossing game-adapted movie to date.

It was also reported that Sony Pictures had won the rights to make an "Assassin's Creed" movie; another hot-selling franchise of the game company.

Writer: Casey Lee

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