Ahmad Idham challenges reporter

Date Posted: 20 August 2013

Local filmmaker Ahmad Idham is not happy about being critised for his comments towards FINAS.

20 Aug – A journalist from Berita Harian who goes under the pseudonym 'Kak Pora' has written an article to disagree with filmmaker Ahmad Idham's request for the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) to take action due to the lack of support for local movies from Malaysians.

According to Idham, he said that the article which was titled "No need to blame FINAS if your films do not succeed" was meant as a personal counter attack towards him.

"I feel very sorry about what was written by the journalist. Issues like this are not the same as celebrity personal lives where it can be written in the gossip columns. This issue has to be discussed openly in the industry." said Idham firmly.

The article written by 'Kak Pora' in the gossip columns of Berita Harian

"While I was expressing my annoyance about issues occurring in the film industry, the journalist had more fun in blaming me when she could have strived to work together in order to solve the problem," added the filmmaker regarding the matter he voiced out recently.

When asked about what he would do the regarding this matter, Idham said in a firm tone, "I will challenge the journalist. If she is brave enough, let us meet face to face. If she is not up for the challenge, I know that she is not clever enough and will indefinitely sit and hide behind the gossip column as 'Kak Pora'."

He added, "I think by doing that, more people will believe the credibility of the journalists these days as well as the members of the film industry."

"I am not angry, but in the present situation where the level of education and intellect of the journalists are high, there are those who still are considered a 'parasite', that will affect the industry," concluded Idham.

Writer: Jillian Cheong

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