Ahmad Idham goes "Gangster"

Date Posted: 12 February 2013

A 'thumbs up' for the cast of "Gangster Celop"

12 Feb – With the revolutionary collaboration of Skop Productions and Excellent Pictures, director Ahmad Idham releases a tale of two brothers who get out of jail and set out to do good while trying to stray away from their 'gangster' roots.

Ahmad Idham stated that "Gangster Celop" is an action-comedy, and even though he has done comedies before, it never goes out of style as he tries to make his films as timeless as possible.

"Creativity is an important aspect in the things we make. It is a trait that I own. From a director's perspective, that helps make exciting productions. It's the number one factor that attracts audiences to the theatres, especially for our kind of market."

"Gangster Celop" stars Syamsul Yusof, who is known for directing "KL Gangster", and Kamal Adli from "Salam Cinta" as the gangster brothers who seek out to be better people after spending 5 years in prison. The leading lady who stars as the gangster boss' daughter is new actress Hanis Zalikha.

Ahmad Idham and Dato Yusof discuss their collaboration.

The film is a first collaboration between both Skop Productions and Excellent Pictures. "I certainly hope this won't be our last and only feature together," said Idham.

Dato Yusof, who is the producer, says that this collaboration is a synergy that has provided inspiration to both companies, especially in the film industry.

When asked to comment on the film, he replied, "Even though it is a comedy, it teaches the audience an important message that jail isn't just there to punish. It is there to teach you, and heal you, so you can be a better human being when you come out."

The film will be shown in nearly 70 theatres all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei starting 21 February.

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

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