BIG Cinemas officially merges

Date Posted: 08 January 2013

BIG Cinemas in Malaysia has officially joined MBO Cinemas.

8 Jan – BIG Cinemas in Malaysia has finally merged with MBO Cinemas today, but moviegoers should be rest assured as they can still watch their favourite films at BIG Cinemas as the cineplexes will continue to operate.

Previously, we reported that BIG Cinemas in Malaysia has been sold to Navis Capital Partners, making the private equity fund own two cinema circuits in the country with the other being MBO Cinemas, although it was yet unknown whether the new merger will operate under the MBO label or receive a rebranding.

It has just been revealed that BIG Cinemas' nine cineplexes across the country will be rebranded following the merger, under MBO.

Writer: Elaine Ewe

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