Rockers excited for "Rock Oo!"

Date Posted: 22 February 2013

(From left to right) Que Hadar, Mamat Khalid, Khir Rahman, Pekin Ibrahim and Sofi Jikan.

22 Feb – It was a full house at the gala premiere of "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali", as stars and rockers alike turned out for the unveiling of Mamat Khalid's sequel to his self-written and directed film, "Rock".

The rock-music based film set in the early 80s widely appealed to the rockers in Malaysia, and there were some who came all the way from Sabah to attend the preview as the invited guests had minor roles in the film itself.

The film follows Amy Mat Peh, played by Que Haidar, who desperately wants to sing for the band 'Rimba Bara' after lead singer Zul Kapan, played by Soffi Jikan, leaves to join another band. Jijo, played by Khir Rahman, Morazmi Baharon who plays Black and newest member Slash Haji Tapah played by Pekin Ibrahim rounds up the group.

Film extras and rock fanatics were excited for the premiere of "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali".

"This film is very close to my own heart," says director Mamat Khalid. "I have seen this over 80 times while I was editing it, but not once was I bored watching it. You will see my own soul in this film... I also really love the director," Mamat Khalid adds with a chuckle.

At its end, "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali" received a standing ovation from the audience. The film will be released in cinemas on 28 February 2013.

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

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