TGV opens new LUXE hall

Date Posted: 10 May 2013

The LUXE hall in TGV 1 Utama.

10 May – Moviegoers who love to watch movies in pairs or as couples rejoice, because TGV has just launched their new LUXE hall in TGV 1 Utama, boasting 102 seats.

TGV LUXE hall is a rebranding of TGV CLUB, with the main feature of the LUXE hall being all the seats are sold in pairs, categorized as standard and couple. However, there will not be a lounge connected directly to the LUXE hall in TGV 1 Utama unlike TGV CLUB in Sunway Pyramid. Instead, the existing lounge will be reconceptualised into a facility that will be available to everyone who has a movie ticket and not just LUXE customers.

The standard seats are in the middle.

Only 2-D movies are available for the LUXE hall, with 7.1 Dolby surround. Tickets for the LUXE hall are priced at RM16 for standard seats and RM18 for the couple seats respectively.

For those who are not sure where the hall is located in the cineplex, it is nestled in the corner after Hall 6, on the way to Halls 1 to 5 and the IMAX hall.

The recent opening of LUXE hall at TGV 1 Utama is just a soft launch, with the official launch to take place in June 2013.

Writer: Elaine Ewe

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