Chris Evans to lead Neill Blomkamp's disaster thriller

Date Posted: 14 May 2018

Chris Evans will lead "Greenland", Neill Blomkamp's latest project since 2015's "Chappie".

14 May – It looks like Chris Evans has other plans after his "Avengers" gig as he has been cast in Neill Blomkamp's upcoming movie, "Greenland".

According to Deadline, Evans will lead the movie which is said to be a disaster thriller revolving around a family's fight for survival in the face of a catastrophic natural tragedy.

"When we read "Greenland", we knew it was exactly the sort of film we wanted to make as we build the Anton brand – smart, character driven genre with action and heart," says Sébastien Raybaud, CEO of Europe-based movie and TV company, Anton.

""Greenland" is the kind of highly commercial genre fare that sees Neill Blomkamp doing what he does best: delivering a smart, fresh, high concept narrative in a world we can easily recognise," president of STXinternational, David Kosse, adds.

This announcement not only clarifies Evans' post-"Avengers" plans, but also confirms Blomkamp's non-involvement in his rumoured "Alien" sequel seeing that "Greenland" is his next movie in his filmography.

Fresh off of this summer's monster hit, "Avengers: Infinity War", fans of Evans can catch him in "The Red Sea Diving Resort" next, which also features a Marvel Cinematic Universe alumnus, Ben Kingsley (who played The Mandarin in "Iron Man 3").

Production on "Greenland" will commence later this year, however, a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Writer: Dini Azri

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