Samuel L. Jackson is starring with Chris Rock in this horror movie

Date Posted: 09 July 2019

Samuel L. Jackson is ready to strike horror in Chris Rock's heart.

9 Jul – Last we heard of the "Saw" reboot, we know that it is based on a story conceived by Chris Rock. The latest update brought word that Rock himself will be starring in the movie.

Not only that, Bloody Disgusting confirmed the news that Rock is teaming up with Samuel L. Jackson to play a father-and-son duo!

70-year-old Jackson will play the father to 54-year-old Rock (real ages, their movie ages are unknown); the latter is described by The Hollywood Reporter as a police detective that is investigating a series of horrific crimes.

The duo is joined by Max Minghella, who will play Rock's partner William Schenk, and Marisol Nichols, who will play Rock's boss, Capt. Angie Garza.

There's no title for the movie yet, which will be directed by three-time "Saw" helmer Darren Lynn Bousman, but it is already slated for release in North American cinemas on 23 October 2020.

Written by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, the reboot will be produced by the original creators of "Saw", Leigh Whannell and James Wan.

Writer: Florey DM

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