"Ada Apa Dengan Dosa 2" to start production next year

Date Posted: 04 December 2020

Datuk Ayu Puteh is disappointed with FINAS' lack of follow-up on her film's piracy issue.
Datuk Ayu Puteh is disappointed with FINAS' lack of follow-up on her film's piracy issue.

4 Dec – Following the encouraging response and positive reviews for the first movie, producer Datuk Ayu Puteh has confirmed that she will be producing a sequel, "Ada Apa Dengan Dosa 2" (AADD2), next year.

According to the Pencil Pictures & Records Sdn Bhd CEO, the sequel is currently in pre-production and is expected to begin filming in 2021.

"Next year, I have two new movies, which are the sequel "Ada Apa Dengan Dosa 2" and a horror movie. Both movies are expected to cost around RM4 million.

"AADD2 will most likely cost a little more because I want to film it overseas, though I haven't decided on which country to film it in," she told Cinema Online recently.

The first movie, "Ada Apa Dengan Dosa", which starred the likes of Ashraf Muslim, Fasha Sandha, Wanna Ali, Adam Corrie and Fauziah Nawi, was well received by fans who were satisfied with the cast members' strong performance.

Unfortunately, the success of the Rahila Ali-helmed movie has caught the attention of irresponsible parties, who then proceeded to sell pirated copies of the movie on a popular e-commerce platform from as low as RM1.

Following this, Ayu Puteh has taken action by suing the e-commerce platform for RM50 million for allowing the sale of the pirated movie.

Ayu also expressed her disappointment with the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), who, until now, has had no updates on the piracy issue until she is forced to take her own action.

She often goes to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs(KPDNHEP) to try and settle the issue, but continues to be met with disappointment.

She has vocally expressed her dissatisfaction with the responsible parties, not to get justice just for herself, but also for other film producers who have fallen victim to piracy and who will become victims in the future.

(Photo source: Datuk Ayu's Instagram)

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

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