Hans Isaac and Ahmad Idham no longer see eye to eye?

Date Posted: 10 June 2020

 Hans Isaac (R) with Ahmad Idham while both were the respective Chairman and CEO of FINAS.
Hans Isaac (R) with Ahmad Idham while both were the respective
Chairman and CEO of FINAS.

10 Jun – Since the little 'turmoil' within the National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia (FINAS), many suspected that something had occurred between former FINAS Chairman Dato' Hans Isaac and FINAS CEO Ahmad Idham.

However, the two of them continued acting as usual and made no comments at all on the issue.

The issue sparked again when Hans recently posted a cryptic message on his Instagram, which merely stated that 'an old mistake is being repeated' without elaborating on the statement's meaning.

Many are speculating that the statement refers to the re-appointment of Ahmad Idham as the CEO of FINAS, after the latter resigned last year and claimed that he was forced to do so following pressure from certain parties.

"That's netizens' right to talk. Depends on them what they want to say and whose name they're saying. My status was merely a comment on the current situation," said Hans to Harian Metro.

Hans' position as FINAS Chairman was recently terminated as of 23 May, after 13 months holding the position, and he's been replaced by Zakaria Abdul Hamid.

A few weeks ago, Ahmad Idham posted on his Instagram, "'I want you to go'. Without any solid reason and with arrogance. You said this right to my face. Now with Allah's will, look who is out 1st..YOU [laughing emoji]."

Like Hans, Ahmad Idham also didn't name the individual his message was directed to but many speculated that they knew exactly who the person was.

Cinema Online will not be taking sides and hopes that all the speculations that have gone viral will be resolved soon, since both Hans Isaac and Ahmad Idham possess valuable experiences in the local entertainment industry.

Therefore, it is better that they use their experience and knowledge to improve the industry, which is now in the recovery process after going through a rough patch due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Photo source: mStar)

Writer: Ashraf Nasser

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