Netflix reduces streaming quality in Malaysia from today

Date Posted: 31 March 2020

After Europe, Netflix has started reducing traffic in other parts of the world.
After Europe, Netflix has started reducing traffic in other parts of the world.

31 Mar – More than a week ago, Netflix has been gradually reducing traffic in various parts of the world, starting from Europe, to ease internet capacity.

As of today, the reduction will also be implemented in Malaysia.

The reduction is expected to last for the whole of next month. It is not known yet whether other countries in the region, such as Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, will also be affected but it is highly likely given current circumstances.

Similar to what was done in Europe, Netflix's traffic will be reduced by 25%. The decision to reduce traffic was not done due to local Internet Service Providers (ISP) requests but rather as a proactive move to ensure that Netflix subscribers will still be able to have the best streaming experience.

Netflix assures that subscribers will "notice a very slight decrease in quality within each resolution" but still get the quality that they paid for, whether Ultra-High Definition (UHD), High Definition (HD), or Standard Definition (SD).

Contents that have been downloaded for offline viewing, however, will not be impacted in any way and subscribers will get to continue watching these offline videos in the highest quality.

So far, other places where the reduction has also been implemented include Australia, India and Israel. Reduction in more countries can be expected as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force everyone to practice social distancing and stay home.

(Photo source: Amelia Holowaty Krales | The Verge)

Writer: Florey DM

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