Local distributor hopes for LPF reconsideration for "The Battle at Lake Changjin"

Date Posted: 24 November 2021

Malaysian Film Censorship Board: Not approved
Malaysian Film Censorship Board: Not approved

24 Nov – Malaysian film distributor, Mega Film Distribution is contemplating appealing for reconsideration, after the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF) has decided not to approve the release of the Chinese war movie, "The Battle at Lake Changjin".

In a statement released following the decision, the company expressed regret that the film, which is currently one of the highest grossing films of 2021, was not able to premiere on 18 November as planned.

"This is unfair on those who wants to watch it," said Mega Film. "We believe the audience can use this film to trace how the Chinese volunteer army fought in the extreme cold and harsh environment."

Prior to LPF's decision, some Malaysian netizens have expressed concern over the movie's release in the country, stating that the film has a favourable view of the Communist leader Mao Zedong and promotes communism. Mega Film said that those claims were made by those who have not even watched the film.

The three-hour movie, directed by Dante Lam, Chen Kaige, and Tsui Hark, is also said to be a part of the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. It is considered one of the most expensive Chinese films ever made, with a budget of over USD 200 million and over 70,000 soldiers acting as extras.

The movie revolves around the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War and stars Wu Jing (of "Wolf Warrior 2") and Jackson Yee (of "Better Days").

The film is directed by the three greats; Dante Lam, Chen Kaige, and Tsui Hark

Writer: Heidi Hsia

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