FINAS MOVAK to help industry workers get vaccinations

Date Posted: 17 August 2021

The industry has been badly affected by the pandemic
The industry has been badly affected by the pandemic

17 Aug – The National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) is targeting at least 10,000 workers in the creative arts industry who have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine appointment to take advantage of the Community Vaccine Mobilisation (MOVAK) programme for film workers - a collaborative effort made with the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

Speaking to the media about the programme, FINAS Deputy Chairman, Datuk Norman Abdul Halim said that the FINAS MOVAK programme could help the government increase the number of registrations and COVID-19 vaccinations among industry players, adding, "FINAS wants the players on this industry to receive the COVID-19 vaccine immediately and be prepared for the Second Phase of the National Rehabilitation Plan."

"We hope that through this vaccination programme, industry workers will be able to return to work."

Norman hopes that the programme will enable industry workers to get back to work

Norman added that it is crucial for everybody involved to get vaccinated so that everybody will be able to revitalise the industry that has been badly affected by the pandemic.

However, it is noted that registration for the MOVAK FINAS programme is only subject to creative industry workers who have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccination appointment until 25 August.

"I am confident with this vaccination programme, there will be a reduction in the number of those infected with COVID-19," he added.

Writer: Heidi Hsia

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