FINAS to launch investigation into production's SOP breach

Date Posted: 12 October 2021

FINAS will investigate alleged breaches of SOP at a filming location
FINAS will investigate alleged breaches of SOP at a filming location

12 Oct – The Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) has announced that it will launch an investigation into the recent issue concerning SOP violations at the shooting location of a local drama production.

On 12 October, the agency released its official statement on social media, stating that they have taken several proactive actions in response to the issue, including cooperating with the Ministry of Health and opening an investigation into the issue before deciding on the next course of action.

"FINAS would like to remind all Filming Protocol Supervisors that have been appointed by respective production companies to play their roles in ensuring that all cast and crew are abiding by the guidelines that have been given and to record it in the log book that has been provided by FINAS," it added.

Filming activities can go on and is subjected to SOP for everyone's health and safety

The agency also stressed that it will give full cooperation with the authorities in resolving such issues to ensure the preservation of the creative industry's reputation.

It was earlier this week that actor Syafie Naswip expressed his frustration over the production company of his new drama having a lack of strict SOP on the set, which has led to cast and crew, including himself, being forced into quarantine due to their close contact status with one of the crew who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Syafie Naswip previously expressed frustration over SOP breach


Writer: Heidi Hsia

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