Netflix to produce anime version of "Grimm's Fairy Tales"

Date Posted: 17 June 2021

A new anime adaptation from Netflix in the works
A new anime adaptation from Netflix in the works

17 Jun – Netflix is going all out in playing its anime cards, as it announces that it will produce a new anime adaptation of the "Grimm's Fairy Tales".

The project, which was announced during the streamer's Annecy International Film Festival panel, will be a collaboration with two anime giants including CLAMP, the all-female mangaka company famous for "Cardcaptor Sakura" and "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles".

The said studio will be designing the show's characters, while WIT Studio, which produced the first three seasons of "Attack on Titan", will be producing the anime.

The anime series will be based on the 1812's German collection of fairy tales by the Grimm brothers

The show will likely focus on Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's more popular stories like "Cinderella" and "Red Riding Hood", though one may expect some lesser known stories as well, seeing that the original Grimm's Fairy Tales have over 200 stories.

No planned release date has been announced for now, though it was reported that the project is already in the works.

CLAMP is known for its hit franchise, "Cardcaptor Sakura"

WIT Studio is known to produce "Attack on Titan"
Writer: Heidi Hsia

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