Fully vaccinated moviegoers in Singapore can enjoy the big screen movie experience

Date Posted: 17 August 2021

Nothing beats the movie-going experience and the big screen, and yes, with protocols in place
Nothing beats the movie-going experience and the big screen, and yes, with protocols in place

17 Aug – Good news for movie goers in Singapore who are fully vaccinated and have completed the two-dose vaccination regime.

With the differentiated measures for the vaccinated and unvaccinated that were recently released by the Ministry of Health (MOH) – that commenced on August 10 - some cinemas have opened up albeit at a reduced capacity.

As per the measures, movie screenings can cater to up to 500 people if all in the audience are fully vaccinated, but only up to 50 people if unvaccinated. Food and beverages can be consumed in the hall and sold to groups of up to five fully vaccinated people.

With eight outlets in Singapore, Cathay Cineplexes have rolled out its vaccinated-only halls since last week. With 1m safe-distancing in place, the seating capacities for vaccinated-only halls will depend on each individual hall size, but it will not exceed 500 people. F&B sold at the cinemas are to be consumed at the vaccinated-only halls.

Patrons to enjoy the movie with the 1m safe-distancing in place

The patrons' vaccination status will be verified with their TraceTogether token, mobile app or HealthHub mobile app, as well as with checks at the usher points and before entry into the halls.

Moviegoers will be reminded that the tickets which they are booking for are for a vaccinated-only hall. So if they buy the tickets online or at the kiosks, there will be a pop-up reminder to inform them of this fact.

Since last week, cinemas at GV Plaza, GV Suntec, GV Vivo and GV Funan have held some screenings for fully vaccinated patrons, with more locations to be added soon. Similarly, patrons will have to present their proof of vaccination via the TraceTogetherApp or HealthHub App to the staff at the usher point prior to their entry into the cinema halls.

Its Gold Class Lounge and Cafe would be open for dine-in for fully vaccinated persons and children under 12 from the same household.

Writer: Michelle Tan

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