GSC and TGV await full SOPs from government to reopen

Date Posted: 09 September 2021

Wait, you must.  Open now, they are not
Wait, you must. Open now, they are not

9 Sep – Despite previously expressing elation over having the approval to reopen, cinema chains GSC and TGV will not be doing so for the time being.

The two companies announced this news in separate statements, with GSC stating that they are currently awaiting full proper SOPs from the government for the reopening of cinemas.

"Additionally, a selection of films are also undergoing censorship review. We will keep you all updated on reopening, so stay tuned for announcements," it added.

The cinema chain also shared several new titles ready to be screened in the future, including "Dune", "Disney's Jungle Cruise", "Marvel's Eternals", as well as previous titles that had gone on streaming services like "The Suicide Squad" and "Black Widow".

GSC released this statement to ask cinema fans to hold on for just a bit longer

On the other hand, TGV also echoed a similar decision, stating that the NSC has yet to release the official SOPs for them to finalise their plans.

"We should be making an announcement very soon," said Sales and Marketing General Manager Mohit Bhargava.

Fans will get to watch "Eternals" on the big screen

Writer: Heidi Hsia

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