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Detective Conan: Love Story At Police Headquarters, Wedding Eve
A compilation of previous episodes featuring Detectives Wataru Takagi and Miwako Sato, detailing their history and adventures together.

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Welcome to your one-stop guide to all the Film Festivals that take place at cinemas in Malaysia throughout the year!

Be it the European Union Film Festival, Le French Festival, Japanese Film Festival and more, here you can get all the information about the past and upcoming film festivals, get cinema showtimes, and also join contests to win passes to watch film festival movies!

With Cinema Online supporting all film festivals in Malaysia, stay tuned to this page as we update you on future film festivals and more!

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Film Festivals
Europe in Cinemas 2022
France in Cinemas 2021

Upcoming Film Festivals
Le French Film Festival, 9 Jun - 17 Jul 2022
Malaysia International Film Festival, 10 - 15 Jul 2022

Le French Film Festival 2022 returns with a bang

Kabir Bhatia's "Talbis Iblis" goes to Udine, Italy

5th MIFFest and MGGA announce upcoming series of events

Hong Kong International Film Festival postponed indefinitely

5th Malaysia International Film Festival returns in physical form

Japanese Film Festival 2021 is officially launched

Japanese Film Festival 2021: Movie highlights

The Japanese Film Festival 2021 returns to Malaysia in Jan 2022

Muzzamer Rahman shares his catalyst for "Prebet Sapu"

Past Film Festivals