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Hungarian Film Fiesta 2.0 2019

Hungarian Film Fiesta 2.0 brings a total of four movies to Malaysian audiences this year.

“Liza, the Fox Fairy”, “Pappa Pia”, “The Troupe” and “Think of Me” are the four movies screened for free during the film festival.

This second edition of Hungarian Film Fiesta takes place from 21 to 22 June 2019 at GSC Pavilion KL, 29 June 2019 at GSC Gurney Plaza, and 7 July at GSC CityONE, Kuching.

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21 Jun 2019
21 Jun 2019
21 Jun 2019
21 Jun 2019

Hungarian Film Fiesta in Malaysia returns for second year!

Hungarian Film Fiesta 2.0 expands to other states in Malaysia

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