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Latin American Film Festival 2014

Latin American Film Festival 2014 is set to be held in Malaysia from 13 to 23 November.

For the whole week, cinephiles will get to enjoy the best of what Latin American cinema has to offer, in the form of 8 interesting and captivating movies.

The films will be screened at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

The titles that will be screened are as shown below
“Last Call” on Nov 13
“My First Wedding” (Argentina) on Nov 14
“Finding Gaston” (Peru) on Nov 15
“Two Sons Of Francisco” (Brazil) on Nov 16
“TopsyTurvy” (Venezuela) on Nov 20
“Karen Cries On A Bus” (Colombia) on Nov 21
“1809-1810 As The Day Arrives” (Ecuador) on Nov 22
“Perez” (Chile) on Nov 23.

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